Chasing Gains - Female
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Chasing Gains - Female

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This box is designed for the females who are training day in day out and need the nutrition to help fuel their schedule. Its designed to provide 3 meals per day for 7 days. 

The Chasing Gains Box has the ability to be portioned out to meals consisting of a 170g serving of our lean protein and a 300g serving of our seasonal vegetables. Equating to 7 x 500g servings of protein and 13 x 500g servings of vegetables.

Each meal portioned out could cost you as little as $9.49. Under ten dollars for a delicious, healthy, nutritionally balanced meal.

Plus we have your breakfast sorted as well :)

Box Contents : 
2 x Plain Chicken Breast (500g)  
2 x Flavoured Turkey Mince (500g)  
1 x Plain turkey mince (500g)  
1 x Seasoned beef mince (500g)  
1 x Plain Beef Mince (500g)
4 x Broccoli (500g)  
4 x Sweet Potato (500g)
2 x Beans (500g)
2 x Zucchini Noodles (500g)
1 X Red Capsicum (500g)

7 x Overnight Oats