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The Ultimate Gut Health - Female

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Women’s Ultimate Gut Health 7 Day Food Box 

With our Women’s Ultimate Gut Health 7 Day Food Box, you can forget all about having to spend precious time planning out your meals for the week, grocery shopping, and even cooking because now? You’ve got everything you need premade and customised for an entire week of success! Our boxes help you achieve the results you wantwithout the serious time commitment or spending a small fortune at the grocery store.

Perfect for the woman who is serious about her gut health, looking and feeling her best, or perhaps confused about how to start eating cleaner… our boxes strike the perfect balance between healthy and satisfying, with premium ingredients and flavours that will leave even the biggest junk food addict feeling full and satisfied!

And with everything ready to go, you’ll be not only less tempted to cheat, but also enjoy more time to do the things you love every day. So, go ahead and spend more time with the kids, friends, or even hit play on that next episode because with our box? You’ve got time!

Plus, with each portioned meal costing as little as $6.89, our box makes sticking to your diet easier and more affordable than ever before! In fact, our boxes have your nutrients perfectly sorted with meals consisting of 125g of lean protein and 250g of veggies per serving!

Here’s a look at how your 2,000g of lean protein, 3,500g of veggies, and breakfasts, break down for the week…

2 x Plain Chicken Breast (500g)
1 x Plain turkey mince (500g)
1 x Seasoned beef mince (500g)
2 x Broccoli (500g)
2 x Sweet Potato (500g)
1 x Beans (500g)
1 x Redcap (500g) 
1 x Zucchini Noodles (500g)

7 x Overnight Oats

So, if you’re ready to take not only your gut health but overall health into your hands, order your box today while supplies last!