ladies, looking to drop 10kg?

dietician approved
chef prepared
delivered to your door
Tell me, what has stopped you from achieving your dream body?
what would help you make this jouney easier?
We can't give you a live in chef, however, we can give you chef quality fat loss meals from the comfort of your own home?
how does $5.49 per meal sound?
are you the planning type; designing your meals for the week, separating them out and stacking them with colour coded lids in the fridge?
or are you the busy mum, dedicated entrepreneur or does your schedule just make you the meal prep is impossible type; choosing what to create each meal, possibly utilising our recipe page for inspiration?
no matter where you fall on the organisation chart, the GET ME LEAN box will have you feeling, looking and performing your best in no time.
Order Contents:
1 x Plain Chicken Breast (500g), 1 x Flavoured Turkey Mince (500g) ,1 x Thai turkey mince (500g),
2 x Beans (500g), 2 x Zucchini Noodles (500g), 1 x Broccoli (500g), 1 x Sweet Potato (500g),
7 x Overnight Oats

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