We could tell you how much we love our products until the cows come home but why don't we let our Your Prep family members share their feedback. Here is what a few of our loyal customers have to say about Your Prep.

Steve - @coach_steveg

"When Your Prep came along, I started to actually think about the time involved in buying the food, preparing, cooking, assembling the meal, and cleaning it was kind of a no-brainer."

"As soon as I started with Your Prep, I noticed the difference. I had more energy, I had more time with my family and friends on the weekend. The time to prep went from about 2 hours for 5 meals worth to only about half an hour, where I now assemble 15 meals per week. It is so easy."

Erin -  @e.l.core

I’ve been ordering from @yourprep for 3 months now and it’s been so great for us! We have zero time and trying to manage demanding jobs, 2 kids, CrossFit 4-5 days a week and building a house meant that our food prep wasn’t getting done (or if it was, we were spending half a day in the kitchen) and we were eating a lot more take-out than we’d like. It’s been so great that this service started - because even when we’re super lazy, all we have to do is assemble pre-cooked food in a bowl, maybe add some pesto and heat it up. Easy! And nutritious.
Plus, the service from Matt ad the team has been 5-⭐️. Any issues have been resolved fast and I love the friendly notes we get every week.
Highly recommend. 🙌🏻

Jack -  @jack__dixon

"Highly recommend! You can manage your own meals, portions and combinations. Meals are not wasted as you are in control. Great taste and easy site to navigate. They keep updating their menu. Have tried various other healthy meal options and this leaves them in the dust."

Maddy - @maddyblack_

"The best meal prep company I have ever come across! Even the plain chicken breast tastes like something you would get at a cafe or restaurant (much better than my overcooked /dry chicken breast I usually cook myself). 100% recommend for anyone wanting to save hours in the kitchen each week."

Sarah - @murphysarah_

"Quality meal prep delivered straight to my door! Absolutely love the chicken and flavoured minces - my go to for lunch and dinner when I want a healthy, delicious meal without the fuss of cooking and cleaning! 

The meals were fresh even at the end of the week - could not recommend this service more!"