"My name is Matt Boyce the founder of Your Prep. We are a choose your own adventure meal prep provided. We give Australian families a healthy and affordable nutritional option to reclaim control over their lives.

Each person's power and strengths are unique, and so are their nutritional requirements. I've got a back-to-back schedule, and to meet those demands I needed to eat the right foods in the right portions for me. Purchasing pre-prepared meals was a massive time-saver, but they didn't give me the control I really wanted to ensure I was feeling full and getting my daily intake.

What started as an idea between mates is now available to many – Your Prep is here to do the hard work for you. We simplify your life so you can get back to living it." - Matt Boyce, Founder

How much do you value your time? What would you do with your Sundays if they weren't spent meal prepping?

If you were only given one car for the rest of your life would you maintain it? You bet your bottom dollar you would. Services, new tyres, whatever that car needed to stay in tip-top condition you would do. So why then do we treat our bodies, the only ones we have with such carelessness.

At Your Prep we promise to provide the fuel needed to keep your body in 'tip-top condition' and you don't even need to do the cooking. We will do the hard work in the kitchen so you can focus on living the best life possible.

Born out of a passion to better the health of Australians, Your Prep is a Brisbane based meal prep business driven to provide the best nutrition possible in the barest form, no additives, no crap just real nutritionally dense meal prep. However it's not your ordinary meal prep, Your Prep has done things a little different, they have changed the game for good. Your Prep believes your nutritional intake is as individual as your fingerprint so how can you then be given a pre-prepared meal and told this is what you need to eat in order to lose weight, gain muscle or any other form of marketing. No, Your Prep provides the meal prep, however, you do the portioning, this is Your Prep - you're the boss of your portion size, not us.

we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible

we reuse your boxes

Make sure you leave your box, liner and ice packs out each week. That way we can simply swap them over for your new weekly order.

This is just another way we can reduce our impact and help the environment.

no more single use plastic containers