Your Prep closes it's doors to ensure sustainable community impact

Your Prep closes it's doors to ensure sustainable community impact

To our Your Prep Community,

This message is one that has personally taken me a long time to write. Usually, I find that words will come to me quickly and fluently, however not in this case. This particular message is one that has been thought over, re-written and deleted many times in the past week.

As you are all aware, we did not start Your Prep with the intention to become a food manufacturer. We started with the intention to work within the community to create a more connected, empathetic and resilient society to improve the current state of mental health in Australia. Your Prep for me and the incredibly talented team behind it was a vehicle for human connection. An opportunity for us to make family dinner time matter again. An opportunity for families to connect and laugh over the dinner table once again. To share stories, to involve the kids in the preparation and for the fuss of family dinner to be taken out of the equation to leave only the good times.


Over the past 2 and a half years we have seen Your Prep create an enormous impact within the community. Many families reconnecting over dinner time and nutrition being prioritised again. However, this has not come without its struggles, as any business does. Being someone who is led by a passion to help my community, these barriers and struggles have been nothing but opportunities for lessons and growth.


That being said, with the effort to keep Your Prep afloat and functioning we have been draining resources and time away from our other avenues of impact; our school programs, corporate workshops and community events. These are the elements of our business we know can create a real, measurable and tangible impact on today's society and the current state of mental health in Australia.


Unfortunately, we have come to the decision as a collective and as a family to close the doors on Your Prep for the foreseeable future; allowing us to focus our full attention on the Human Connection Project's overarching vision, values and objectives. I would like to take the opportunity to personally thank everyone who has been part of the Your Prep community up until now and I would like to extend the offer to join us on our journey as we put our full focus and energy into the Human Connection Project.


For us, we see Your Prep not as a failure, however much the opposite. We see the past two and a half years operating Your Prep as one of the channels of the Human Connection Project to be foundational to our long term impact in the space of human connection. Your Prep to us is not closed for business, it is purely on standby until we are in a position as an enterprise to revisit it without impacting our main focus of education, enrollment and engagement within our community.

So thank you. 

Thank you for trusting us and continuing to believe in and support our mission.

Thank you for being apart of our journey to date and into the future.

Most importantly, thank you for being open to change. We know the state of mental illness in Australia right now is at an epidemic level. We know this is not something we alone can change, however as a community of change believers, we can!

Stay tuned and remember,

 How Good's Living!

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