WHY do we exist?

WHY do we exist?
I thought that perhaps with our new community members having just joined us it was about time I introduced our ‘WHY’.
Who am I?
Why did I start Your Prep?
What passion are we born from?
Who am I...
Matt Boyce, driven by an internal passion to create space for others to grow and flourish. To harness and prosper connection and development. To break down and end the suffering of feeling alone through depression and anxiety. Something experienced by so many, yet discussed by so few. I believe nutrition to be a gateway drug to happiness and clarity. Studies show our emotions are not only derived from our brain and our minds: to show proof to this I want you to think of the last time you had butterflies and think where you felt that, your belly right? Well, that's because our gut is more powerful then we give it credit for.
Why did I start Your Prep?
I have been in the health and fitness space my entire life and for the last 5 years, I have suffered severe loss and emotions. Firstly the loss of my best mate and secondly, a few family members as well. Through this, I noticed the ups and downs of depression, the rollercoaster of life. Not only that the effect my nutrition was playing in it and how I couldn't control the experience, but I could control how I moved through it. I wanted to eat healthily, I wanted to help myself piece it all back together and believed this was a great starting block. I looked high and low for meal prep companies I could order from and I wasn't happy with any. So, I started weekly market shops and bulk 'meal preppin' myself. It was amazing, I had fresh, delicious food at the ready whenever I needed it. Slowly, I got tired of the weekly shop and hours and hours of prepping on my ONLY day off. So, I looked for a solution. I wanted a company who cared about my mental health as much as I do. Such company didn't exist. Now it does.
We are driven by the success stories born out of clean, healthy and honest nutrition. We love to hear about your weight loss journey! As the stories that really light up the Your Prep HQ offices are the ones of connection, honesty, clarity and transformation. So THANK YOU for choosing to be a part of this community. Whether you order Your Prep or you don't, I want to personally thank you for being apart of our family and want you to know we are here to support you, to nurture you and to elevate your life.
Much Love and How Good's Living,
Matt Boyce
Founder - Your Prep

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