What is the WHY Behind Your Prep?

What is the WHY Behind Your Prep?

Your Prep as a Social Enterprise

When someone challenged me the other day why Your Prep exists, I felt a huge amount of responsibility. Responsibility around our why not being as clear as I had thought it was. Perhaps it's our copy, perhaps it's my lack of social media talent. None the less, I want to express today WHY Your Prep exists, not what we do, however, WHY we do what we do.

Currently, Australia as a nation and society as a whole is gripped by a health epidemic, anxiety and suicide in particular. I say a health epidemic rather than a mental health epidemic because the fact of the matter is our health is all-inclusive. Our physical health and our mind are more connected than we give them credit for. As you read this on average 8, EIGHT! Australians are taking their own life every single day. The even more staggering statistic is 200 are attempting to do just that.

We do not believe we have a cure for such sickness, we do however feel we can play an integral part in solving the puzzle. That piece, potentially may come as a surprise to some, isn't just food, it's CONNECTION. 

Connection over a shared meal is not only increasingly rare these days but also increasingly undervalued. We can map some alarming trends, for lack of a better word, around the demise of the family dinner. As the tradition of eating around the dinner table has disappeared, suicide statistics have increased. Technology has somehow snuck its way into some of the most sacred moments we share with one another. You only have to walk through your local restaurant strip to see countless date nights being shared with screens, numerous romantic walks ruined by needing to 'get the shot'.

Your Prep exists not to provide high quality, nutrient-dense cooked meal components, that is a result. 

Your Prep exists to Bring Families Together, to make sharing a meal together simple, easy and enjoyable. 

To provide connection to 10,000,000 homes around Australia by 2025.

Why am I so passionate about our why, because I to share the same WHY. I want to be able to stand in front of my children one day and say dad stood up when the world was falling. That dad did everything within his power to lower the number of lives being affected by anxiety and depression. That dad was someone who played a part in that number no longer being 8.

It doesn't take a hero to save a life, it takes people like you and me.

Thank you for being apart of our journey! Please reach out if you feel you would like to either chat more or gain further information around our vision.

How Good's Living,

Matt Boyce

Founder - Your Prep

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