The State of Mental Illness in Australia

The State of Mental Illness in Australia
A thought piece from Your prep founder, Matt Boyce.

We are at a crisis point.

As a nation we are facing an epidemic we can no longer leave for the government initiates and the small donation funded charities to solve. We must now band together to find a 'solution' to this problem. We must stand tall for those who cannot. We must connect as humanity to ensure no more fathers won't be here to see their daughter graduate. No more sisters won't be here to hold her newborn nephew. No more schoolboys won't make it to graduation. No more grandmas not here to pinch their grandson's cheeks.

Below I am going to reference a couple of terrifying statistics from the recent Australian Bureau of Statistics - Causes of death report, 2018. However, we must be conscious of the fact behind these numbers and statistics are human beings. Someone who is loved and heavily missed.

3,046 Australia’s were lost to intentional self-harm, suicide.
Males - 2,320
Females - 726
Suicide accounted for 1/3 of all deaths of those aged between 15-24 years of age
100 Kids aged between 5-17 years of age took their own life, making it the leading cause of death in this age group.

For those have been reading my thought pieces for some time now, you will be present to the fact that I have the opinion and I must stress it is just my opinion. That a large percentage, perhaps, even 80-90% of those suffering from depression are suffering from the loss of human connection. They are suffering from environmental depression. The environment they are living in with little to no honest, human connection. Not from any fault of their own or those that surround them. But at the fault of us as a collective society. We have become so digitally connected that we have somewhat forgotten what it means to have human connection. We hold our values close to us, perhaps they are family, connection and love. However, we live in a machine, in a world where we are programmed to not live by them. To forget what is important and idolise what isn't. Fame, money, success and followers to name just a few obvious ones.

Let me be clear once more, this is not to shy away from the fact there are many factors to mental illness, including both biological and psychological. However, on the contrary, it is to highlight that if you are suffering from depression or anxiety, you are not broken. You are not a device with missing or broken pieces. You are a wonderful, creative and loved human being with unmet needs. We need to begin to create a world where those needs are met, not for some but for all. A world where phones cannot be seen at the dinner table. Eyes can meet on the train, followed by a smile as opposed to a quick rejection from both. A world where not only do we break the stigma surrounding mental illness, but we tear down the walls that follow. Instead of doing work at arm's length we are bringing those near to us closer, feeling their presence and connecting to who they really are and what they care for.

"Depression is not a malfunction, it is a signal, it's telling you something" - Johann Hari.

How Good's Living,

Matt Boyce


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