Meet the team behind Your Prep... Week One - Christina

Meet the team behind Your Prep... Week One - Christina

Firstly, a thought from me on Christina.

Where do I start...when Christina first joined our talent team she was a little withdrawn and careful where to place her trust. However as the months have progressed and the barriers have come crashing down, all be it with the occasional reassemble. Christina has become an incredible asset to our talent team, more commonly called the family for all those in it. However, more then that, Christina has become someone I consider family and someone I know I can place my trust in and have it reciprocated. We are so grateful to have Christina working alongside us on our mission to connect humanity throught food in the goal of lowering suicide statistics.

Matt Boyce - Founder

"My employment journey at Your Prep.

I have struggled to find employment for many years due to my mental health which has increased the number of barriers for me to overcome. So when I said to my employment consultant I wanted to get a job I honestly didn’t expect to get one as my experience showed me that I was too difficult to place and no one was will to take a chance and give me a go.

I was then told that Matt was willing to give me a trial and I jumped at it. I worked in a kitchen as a teenager and enjoyed it but never thought I would be back in a kitchen 15 years later. I went in for my trail day on 30 November 2018 and go the job, I started the next week.

When I started I was a very closed off person and as the kitchen filled up with people I got more anxious, that level of anxiety was extremely uncomfortable but I held on and finished my day and would go home and hermit for the night.

As time passed and I got to know my workmates better and they became family. That change happened through conversation with them and the team huddle which Matt introduced. I disliked the huddle to start with because it meant I had to open up about things in my life, both my successes and my struggles and now I look forward to the huddle so I can hear my family’s successes and struggles and I can be comfortably open about my life.

So I now have found my place in the kitchen and love my work, I still get anxious at times and I’m able to work through it and still function. I don’t have to go home and isolate after work I’m able to work and function in society afterwards.

Because Matt was willing to give me a go and created a safe caring environment at work I have grown as a person, I have more confidence, I’m able to let people in and not let my struggles overwhelm me. So thanks Matt for taking a chance and giving me a go."

No Christina, thank you for taking a chance on us and giving us the opportunity to join your team in life.

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