Laurie Dunne feeds the family Your Prep

Laurie Dunne feeds the family Your Prep
Your Prep is the perfect solution for our busy family. In under 10 minutes (mostly 5!), I am able to get lunch and dinner on the table that is healthy, varied and everyone enjoys.
Before using Your Prep we often found ourselves choosing unhealthy options like take-away, which is expensive and obviously not the best option. Now we can use our energy elsewhere, mealtime is stress-free and we know we are providing our bodies with the nutrients it needs.
As a professional CrossFit Athlete, my husband Royce trains 2 sessions a day (totalling around 4 hours) and requires a lot of fuel, ready to go. I am absolutely loving how easy it is to prepare this and with a toddler who also needs constant nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day, this mum couldn’t be happier!
Each week we simply choose our favourite meat and vegetables, then I plan out our ‘recipes’ for the week based on what I ordered and what we like as a family. I say recipes but as the food is already chopped and cooked, it is only a few small steps to a delicious meal. If you want to spend next to no time in the kitchen you have that choice also, just combine and heat!
I predominately select the ‘plain’ meat options as this works best for our toddler. I separate out his portion before adding any flavour or foods that aren’t best for him. For younger children, it is very easy to blitz the meat and veg into mash /Puree or for those that are good with finger food I find the portions are perfect already.
For Royce and myself we like to change it up most days based on what we feel like… this is something you can’t really do with other ‘pre-made’ style food companies which we have tried in the past. For example, if we have some Soy Chicken in the fridge this could be made into a stir fry, or sushi bowl or lettuce cups… the list goes on! It really is so versatile.
Recently we have had some guests over and we have been able to continue to use Your Prep to feed everyone… talk about stress-free!
We’ll be sharing lots of amazing under 10-minute recipes along the way, so why not give Your Prep a go! Perfect for the whole family.
Laurie Dunne
Wife and Mum, Brisbane.

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