In Defence of Fruit

In Defence of Fruit

It feels like there’s been a bit of a war on carbs lately. This poor macronutrient has copped a hiding, and it hasn’t even really done anything wrong. And as part of this war, fruit has somehow become ‘bad’ for us.

The thing is, carbs aren’t evil, unless you consider making you perform better, lift heavier and look better-naked evil.

If you have ANY sort of health, fitness, or high-performance related goals, you owe it to yourself to include varied sources of carbohydrate in your diet. And one of the absolute best sources of this is fruit.

Don’t believe me? Read on for some learning.


They Contain Carbohydrate

Like I said before, these aren’t evil. They are in fact your body’s preferred source of fuel for high intensity exercise. The natural sugars in fruit make it a particularly excellent snack for supporting your training and your recovery. The amount of carbohydrate generally found in a medium piece of fruit is also the perfect amount for most people’s pre workout snack. Winning!

They Contain Fibre

Fibre is a hugely important part of a healthy diet. It helps keep our bathroom breaks regular, feeds our good gut bacteria and helps keep us feeling full. Fibre also helps slow gastric emptying, which is a fancy way of saying it stops our body absorbing our food too quickly. This is particularly important when we’re considering carbohydrate and its effect on our blood sugar. Most of the time, spikes in blood sugar aren’t ideal, so the perfect pearing (see what I did there) of carbohydrate + fibre means the sugar in fruit is absorbed slowly and effectively and keeps our blood sugar levels under control.

They’re loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Your body is basically one big chemistry lab of billions of simultaneously occurring chemical reactions. Each of these chemical reactions plays an important role in keeping us alive and moving, and each of these chemical reactions relies on vitamins and minerals to keep bubbling along nicely. So if I were you, I’d be making sure to include a good variety of fruit in your diet, to make sure you’re getting lots of vitamins and minerals to help those chemical reactions continue!

They’re High in Volume and Low in Calories

Want a sweet snack or dessert that won’t break your calorie budget, but also want to feel like you’re eating lots of food? Reach for that piece of fruit. For example, one WHOLE punnet of strawberries is 80 calories. That’s less than one Tim Tam. 300g of watermelon is 90 calories. Still less than one Tim Tam. One large peach is 70 calories. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

There are no ‘bad’ fruits

I’ve heard this a lot and just wanted to clarify that there’s no such thing as a bad fruit (unless it’s off, obviously). It all contains the good stuff I talked about before, and pretty much anyone’s diet is going to be upgraded with a few pieces of fruit. So just make sure you’re picking the fruits you enjoy! You’re much more likely to eat them that way. And if you’re worried about eating too much fruit, or you’re worried that including fruit in your diet is going to cause you to put on weight, do some quick maths as to just how much fruit you’d have to eat to add an appreciable number of calories to your diet (hint: a lot).

So, next time your doing your meal prep for the week add a piece of fruit per day to keep you going in between those Your Prep meals.

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