How's your morning routine?

How's your morning routine?

Morning Routine
“Win the morning, win the day.” - Tim Ferriss. 

There's no surprise that we as humans have very different beliefs around the morning routine. Some of us are energizer bunnies who jump out of bed. Some, however, would prefer to hit snooze button ten times over. Well, that snooze button, which is so tactfully designed to be the biggest button on the alarm clock, is doing you a large disservice. 

By pressing snooze we are essentially throwing our body in the washing machine, ready for a full spin cycle. Our body falls into a deep sleep, to only be shocked again by the rattling of an alarm a few minutes later inducing sleep inertia which can last well into your day and impairs your cognitive functioning. Even if you feel like you're fully awake, you're not. Time to lose the snooze people, let's get up and kick some goals!

So, you're up and about, now what? Consume some water. For most people, you have just spent 8 hours completely dehydrating your body, time to fill up the water tank. On a minimum, you should consume 500ml of water to get your body back into a hydrated state and start your metabolism for the day. If you want some extra style points and to really heat up that internal fire known as your metabolism, add some sliced lemon.

Make your bed! There is nothing more satisfying than coming home from a hard days work to a made bed. Counter to that, there is nothing more disheartening than coming home from a hard days work to a messy bedroom.

Try these 3 small steps and create your new morning routine which is bound to fast track your success.

How Good's Living!

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