Basic Portioning

Basic Portioning


A common question we get asked here at Your Prep is 'How do I know how much to eat?'. The answer to this question may be different for each individual, however, we have created some broad guidelines to get you started. As a basis, we recommend 1/3 of your plate consisting of lean protein and the remaining 2/3 of vegetables - such a simple thing to do which can make an enormous difference in your nutritional intake, lifestyle and bank account!

For the active Males out there we recommend around 200-250g of lean protein and approximately 300g of vegetables per meal (We recommend sweet potato as your main carbohydrate source). An average meal for an active male would comprise of 250g protein and 300g vegetables = a 550g meal. One 550g 'Your Prep' serving can be cooked and delivered to your door for prices starting at $9.99 (supplied in 500g packs and portioned by you). To plan your weekly order, simply multiply the protein portion of 250g by the number of meals you want each week. For example, 6 days at 2 meals p/day = 12 meals. 12 meals x 250g = 3kg. The veggies (using the same formula) 300g x 12 will equate to 3.6kg, rounded to 4kg. This can then be cooked and delivered to your door for as little as $149.99. For 6 days of nutritious, delicious and convenient lunches and dinners, why wouldn't you get onboard?

Most active Ladies fall into a slightly smaller meal portion size of 125-175g lean protein and at least 250g of veggies per meal. An average meal might be; 150g of poached chicken breast, 150g of sweet potato and 100g of broccoli. This can be delivered to your door for as little as $7.89 (supplied in 500g packs and portioned by you). To find your weekly order amount, we follow the same equation as above; protein portion multiplied by the number of meals. For example, 12 meals (6 days with 2 meals p/day) x 150g = 1.8kgs rounding up to 2kg. Vegetables at 250g x 12 meals = 3kg. This can be delivered to your door for as little as $99.99, a small price to pay to #reclaimyoursunday.

These portions are very broad and we would highly recommend seeing a qualified dietician to create a personalised meal plan for you and your lifestyle. We are proud to be working with Taylor Ryan from The Sports Dietician. Taylor can be found at  or via email at

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