We believe in you living your best life.

A good place to start or to reaccess your lifestyle is with your daily routine.

So here are our top tips to help you get the best nights sleep of your life and more productive days.

  1.  NO SNOOZE BUTTON - By allowing yourself to hit that dreaded snooze button you are putting yourself in a dangerous position. Sleep scientists say the early moments of the 'snooze period' can be detrimental to your entire day when broken by the alarm rattling in your ear once again. Aim to jump straight out of bed (no matter how cold or dark it may be) as soon as the first alarm rings. 
  2. WAKE RIGHT - Start your day with a large glass of water to kickstart your metabolism and digestive system. Add a little lemon, turmeric and cracked pepper to boost your immune system and fight off inflammation. 
  3. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS - We don't want to toot our own horn...but our overnight protein oats are the perfect way to start your day. With all the goodness we could possibly squeeze into one serving, these oats will have you feeling full for hours whilst fueling your body with all the nutrients you need for a productive training or work day. 
  4. MINIMISE SCREEN TIME - Simply Google 'screen time damage' and you will find reason enough to throw your mobile or laptop at a brick wall (or just put it away). If not for the health benefits why not for the simple fact that human interaction is incredible. Having a conversation with someone without needing to check your phone or see whats on TV is one of life's simple pleasures and one we should be placing a huge emphasis on.
  5. BETTER NUTRITION LEADS TO BETTER PERFORMANCE - You wouldn't fuel your Ferarri with E10 fuel, would you? High performance models need high performing fuel. Aim to consume 3-5 serves of vegetables each day to ensure you are performing optimally at work, at training or at home with your family. 
  6. THE BEDROOM IS FOR SLEEPING - Well, for PG purposes we will stick with just sleep for now. Too often we spend the few moments (or hours) before bed checking in on our social media networks. The blue light we are exposed to before going to bed can drastically affect the quality of our sleep as it signals to our body to not produce significant amounts of melatonin; the chemical produced by the body which allows us to get into deep sleep. Charge your phone in another room and allow your bedroom to be a space of sleep!
Simply add these 5 simple steps to your daily routine and watch the results speak for themselves.

❤ Your Prep

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